Aswang Witch

(AZ-wang Witch)
A living VAMPIRIC WITCH from the Philippines, the aswang witch is born a human female who is then trained in the art of magic and witch-craft (see LIVING VAMPIRE). As she ages, the witch learns to make a magical ointment that when applied makes her look young and beautiful. In her youthful guise she then finds suitable prey and lures him to a secluded place. Once alone, the aswang witch tears him apart, drinking the blood and consuming the heart and liver. Although her means of utilizing the seduction-lure works well, the witch prefers her food to come from children.
Apart from her magical ointment, the aswang witch is a mortal woman and can be slain in any method that would kill a human.
Source: Anima, Witchcraft, Filipino-Style, 53­54; Demetrio, Myths and Symbols Philippines, 170; Ramos, Aswang Syncrasy, 8, 38, 69

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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